P a r t n e r s

with gratitude

to those who have helped, inspired, and supported me along my trek.

film - zeemon erhardt, sarah schmidt, max rzepka, murray cruickshank

audio technowizardry - alasdair murray, max rzepka

co-writers - ben price, max rzepka, kate macpherson, sheepherder ben, iain macdonald, ross mchale

adrenaline - ex-lovers, etc. You know what you did.

wardrobe - my sisters' closets + jasper wild

support - mommy mom and uncle jerry. thank you for believing in me.

strength - heather, abby, mary, anna

empowerment -  rachel walker. you showed me the possibilities.

inspiration - the australian lady who shared stories about raising cattle with my 8 yr old self... you taught me that a good conversation is more delicious even than pop corn.

most of all, to farley, with all my heart. you are the reason i am strong.

k i t



doc martens



common sense

myers pickups 

 young, broke + fabulous

gipsy dharma